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The Rutgers Sports Business Association functions as a student organization that encourages its members to use it as a medium to pursue something that they might not be able to do independently. We, as a club, facilitate a sport-enthusiast culture combined with a business-focused mission of delivering to a market, the Rutgers’ students. For example, we can receive press credentials to Rutgers’ athletic events and allow our members to experience what it would be like to have a profession in that field and even get to write an article for our blog, 


RSBA is a fluid organization; our priorities sway semester to semester. Our goal for next fall is to visit as a group all of the incredible athletic facilities around the university to learn what a school has to do to be competitive in the athletic talent recruiting world. 


Please consider purchasing a t-shirt or mug; the profits are going directly to our organization's In-Person Event Fund!


For more information, please email our president -


Check our our Instagram - @rutgerssba

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